Seafood Noodles

৳ 499.00

We are a family serving seafood noodles with the specialty of homemade fish. If you are in Dhaka city then you should visit us, you will taste the real seafood noodles in this busy life in Dhaka. We are famous for our ingredients, quality, and service.


We keep it real. We keep the cost of seafood noodles down, by increasing ingredients with lots of vegetables, filling out a bowl with protein and noodles, and not filling it with a bunch of thickeners that add fat.  We have been asked many times how to eat here without getting too full of rice or getting sick from meat. //// That day in the simplest form. We want people to be able to eat seafood noodles at one price at a low price. In order to open a small business in a large city, we have made a commitment to provide affordable seafood noodles to many people in need.


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